How we work

When you get a reading from Elysian Life Design, we connect with your Divine Support Team. A Divine Support Team consist of, but not limited to, your Higher Self, Guides, Guardian Angels, Past loved ones, Spirit or Power Animals and Deities, or Archangels with whom you have a close connection. Through this connection, we are able to translate information that is most important for you to receive at that particular time in your life. Through visual information, we can tell you how to create a deeper connection with members of your Divine Support Team. This will allow you to strengthen your own spirituality, intuition, and signs and symbols they may send you to let you know they are very much present in your life and that you are on the right path.You may also receive tools to help you on your journey, such as, Meditation & Grounding techniques, Crystal suggestions, Chakra Affirmations and more. We will help make sure that you have the support and tools specifically for your needs.  


How does Elysian Life Design work differently from that of others in your profession?

A lot of people think that being face to face is the only way one can connect with the energy of the client. We find that we can connect just as well from a distance to see what is going on or messages that need to be passed along, and we feel the quality of our services will help you along your spiritual journey.

What should a client or patient expect from working with Elysian Life Design?

A client can expect the truth, respect, and compassion regardless of the situation. We think there is a way to deliver things in a gentle and effective manner and we like to teach people ways they can connect with their own energy and the Divine to empower them in the process.

What is the most important thing for clients to know about  working with Elysian Life Design?

That anything is possible if you are open to it. We all have the ability to connect with the Divine around us. That is what we at Elysian Life Design are here to facilitate.

Get Inspired. Be Inspired. Stay Inspired

Chakra Affirmations


Daily Chakra Affirmations can change your life! Learn how to use them now. 

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Spirit Animals


We don't pick our Spirit Animal, it picks us! Find out how to work with yours now . 

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Recognizing Divine Signs


Divine Signs are all around, we just have to learn to pay attention to them! 

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Empaths & Relationships


Relationships of any kind for an Empath can be challenging. Here are some tips. 

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Meditation Tips


Meditation has so many benefits. Learn some helpful tools to improve your skills.

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Divine Support Team


Your Divine Support Team, can be one of the most powerful spiritual tools you use.

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What Inspires Us!

Books We Love


Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer

Medical Medium by Anthony William

Archangels and Ascending Masters: A guide to working and healing with Divinities and deities by Doreen Virtue 

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren 

The Moses Code by James Twyman

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

​I Declare by Joel Osteen

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louis Jones

Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

Tools We Love


Clearing and Blessing sprays by Deana Paqua: (A favorite of ElysianLD) These sprays help clear away negative, heavy or bad vibes from yourself or that may have been picked​  up from other people, places or situations. These sprays can also be used in homes and offices to bring more peaceful energy in your space. To find our more information about these amazing sprays or to Purchase them, you can do so directly through Deana at her website: www.embodythesacred.net/awesome_sprays.html

Custom Smudge/ Feather Fans by Deana Paqua: Looking for a tool that will help you clear your aura and energy field, or create sacred space? Look no further!  Deana makes beautiful custom smudge/ feather fans ​that are created in a sacred way, and include   prayers made on your behalf that will help bring positive energy and beauty into your life. ​To order your very own, visit Deana's store at www.embodythesacred.net/store.html .  

Other Things We Love


Releasing the Grip of Fear: A video training course available from Soundstrue ​

Three Magic Words Documentary 

The Secret Documentary 

One Day On Earth Documentary 

Belief TV Series by Oprah Winfrey

The Story Of God by National Geographic

OM Life Meditation Music by Omharmonic

Accension to All That Is by Robert Slap

Crystal Rainbow Healing by Jay Schwed

DoTerra Essential Oils

Alaskan Essence