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 "My experience with Stacey has been nothing but professional, joyous, and awe-inspiring. She has a true gift that absolutely everyone can benefit from. From her newsletter- that is packed full of important information, to her intuitive readings - all have so much thought and love for human kind, to her products- tools to assist us in our life journey. She has a deep soul purpose and shares her honed in talent with us freely.  I highly recommend her for all your personal needs and can help you reach your full state of potential. " - Lisa  

"I was blessed to meet Stacey through a long time and highly respected friend, and have since recommended her to several friends and colleagues for energy healing, land and home clearing, numerology, and her wonderful products! My energy healing session was transformative and empowering. As soon as I stepped into the room, I instantly felt safe, peaceful, and also excited! As Stacey worked with my energy, the reason for the excitement became clear. My Divine Support Team had wonderfully loving and empowering information to share with me. I was blown away with the information that came through, some which confirmed and clarified messages I had received myself, but the majority of information that come through fully explained the crux of recent struggles or frustrations I had been experiencing. I left the session feeling deeply loved, extremely grateful and confident that I am supported on my path. Every life force energy healing session I have with Stacey brings deeper healing both energetically and physically. My most recent session was very impactful, and Stacey compassionately guided me through clearing a very deeply rooted trauma. I knew I was safe to embrace my emotions and intense reactions to them, and she lovingly guided me through releasing it all. The intuitive messages she communicated during the session were extraordinarily pertinent with helping me move forward on my life’s path, and finding peace and harmony in current day-to-day situations as well. In love and gratitude for all you do, Thank you Stacey!!! " - Jill 

“Stacey is the most genuine and authentic of all spiritual healers ! Her calmness, ability to focus, and innate sense of what information you will gain the greatest comfort in knowing-is unparalleled. I had two womb reading and energy healing sessions with her. Both times I left feeling rejuvenated and more equipped to navigate my pregnancy. Her insight was SPOT ON with every aspect of the session and it provided an opportunity to bond with my baby before birth and allowed me to be so much better prepared for the transition to motherhood. “ - Katie  

" I have had a couple of readings with Stacey and am amazed at her ability. Through her accuracy and compassion she has eased feelings of sorrow and helped reinforce my intuition that my loved ones (both people and pets) that have passed are still with me and find ways to communicate with me. Stacey also has been helping to teach me how to strengthen those bonds of communication with my loved ones. She is full of encouragement and positivity to help you be patient while those bonds are formed. I am truly grateful to Stacey for all of those things and would highly recommend her!"  - Jennifer

"My father passed away years ago and like all families, my sisters and I miss him terribly. My younger sister has had dreams about him as do I. I've always had the overwhelming feeling that he was trying to get a message to me and that he had something important to tell me. After going to many Mediums, I found Stacey. She communicated with my dad and finally, I received the message that would bring healing. My sisters and I now have a deep sense of peace. Thank you, Stacey." - Pam

"Have you ever been in-tune with your inner self? This is the only way I can explain how I feel while talking to Stacey. Sometimes it seems like there are so many negative people who are not in-tune, but Stacey just exudes positive warmth. She is non-judgmental of any individual's life experience while allowing them to express their authentic and true selves. Stacey takes a familiar and gentle approach during your session. Her wisdom of inner self is just amazing. The other day while having one of many sessions with her, I remember thinking, I really appreciate the substance she shares, as her energy amplifies vivacity. I wish to send her some positivity back! Keep the positive vibes flowing." - Andrew

"Our house has needed clearing twice, and each time there has been an improvement in the lightness and feel of being in the house, and a release from the negativity that was dragging down the atmosphere of some of the rooms. We are grateful to have such a good resource to keep our home feeling light and welcoming!" - Nicole

"I have had the privilege to have had a few readings with Stacey. She has connected with my loved ones who have been able to explain events from my past that only they would know. I have found that, not only has she been able to comfort me with relaying messages from loved ones, but she has been able to assist me in moving forward through some very traumatic past experiences. She has been able to take the information that she gathers through these readings and give me some tools to help me take the necessary steps to heal, move on, and deal with event from my past and events that may come up in my everyday life. I find that since, my first readings a year ago, I use the tools that she has given me from that readings as well as the subsequent readings. I cannot thank her enough for the peace of mind I have and the positive energy she has helped me to realize I have around me and within me." - Jessica 

"I won a free reading with Stacey. I as well as my husband received inner peace and joy from our reading. I received a message from a person I hadn't thought of in years. I also received confirmation from my husbands grandmother that made me feel whole. It was my birthday this week, I feel this reading was the best present any one could have given me. My husband is very grateful as well. He received beautiful messages from loved ones that he will never forget. Stacey you are a rare gift from God that so many people will be blessed to be in your presence. I know I am." - Karin & Stephen

"My husband passed away years ago. I recently connected with Stacey and she relayed to me only things that my husband and I would have known, such as a joke about my engagement ring. Back in the late 60's he was coming back to the states from Vietnam. He brought the ring with him from Thailand. The series of events was what made it a funny story, but no one else knew about this. Not even my children. Stacey also has great instincts and insight as to energy changes and good, productive suggestions on life paths and issues. I recommend her highly." - Jackie 

" I was introduced to Stacey by a friend during my process of becoming a certified yoga teacher. She is incredibly gifted and thorough with her spiritual work. I have done private readings and a space/land  clearing session and I highly recommend doing both if you are looking to clear out old energy, become more balanced and welcome a higher vibrational experience into your life. Stacey is a great communicator in every sense of the word and always answered any additional questions that I had after our work together" - Heather

​"Stacey is amazing in her ability to read energies as well as suggesting useful information to help overcome anything that may be bothering you.  I have had a few readings with Stacey as well as a distance space clearing.  She has really helped me make big strides in issues that have bothered me for a long time.  I am very grateful to have found Stacey.  She is now my go-to intuitive person for times when I need more guidance, as well as times when I need a space clearing." - Kelly 

"I was lucky enough to meet Stacey through my daughters. I watched the amazing work she did with them on issues they were having and the healing that was taking place. I have now gone to Stacey several times for help with my issues, including things I would never have thought it was something she could help me with. Stacey was there for me immediately, took time out to talk with me and then shared so much of her insight, her affirmations from her readings, resources, on and on and on. She is such a kind, generous person who really takes the time to help you, guide you, share with you. She has followed up with me and continued to share more information that comes her way for me. I feel so blessed to have Stacey in my life and will continue to go to her for my life help! She is a beautiful soul and has amazing connections with the spirits." - Kathy

"The Divine Check- In has helped me with my journey into meditation & discovering my life purpose. While the book has helped me to ground myself so that I can better meditate & write, I have also purchased Divine Check-Ins for myself & my family. Each has helped the person for whom it was intended--even (& perhaps especially) the skeptics in our family. Stacey has been a blessing in our lives as she helps us connect with our guides, guardian angels, & loved ones who have passed. She did a land & house clearing for us that brought me to tears as she helped a couple spirits who we knew were stuck here to cross over & welcomed four shaman to protect our home, which was apparently built on sacred Native American ground. The Holy Water is beautiful, & working with her in person was a blessing." - Dana 

​"​I have tried multiple oils and sprays by Elysian life design and have found that by incorporating these products into my daily routine that they provide reliable and true assistance in accordance with the products specific intention. I love using the energy grounding and clearing roll on daily to help with absorbing others energies and feelings of anxiety. The self love oil has a warm delicious fragrance which promotes self care and gentleness within our own being. I highly recommend the clearing sprays, roll ons and other products. I appreciate the way Stacey takes the time and loving attention to create each product specifically. Thank you!" - Amanda

​"I was so intrigued and fascinated by the Divine Check-In two of my coworkers received from Stacey at ElysianLD that I immediately contacted Stacey and asked her to do one for me too. I simply gave her my name and birth date and in less than a week, I had a 4 page detailed report all about me that totally blew me away! Not only did it fit me to a tee, it helped me identify various qualities and behaviors in myself that up until then, I had only felt intuitively. With my Divine Check-In, I now had confirmation with specific references of all the things I felt and sometimes struggled with internally. In fact, I was so captivated by the information I received in my Divine Check-In, that I decided to also have Stacey perform a Numerology Analysis for me a few weeks later. Once again, in less than a week, Stacey returned a 33 page comprehensive report all about me, that delved even deeper into who I am and what I’m inspired to do on earth. Skeptics beware! This info is real and will inspire you to be the person you are meant to be." - Andrea

"I had the GREATEST pleasure of connecting with Stacey and scheduled to see her for one of her specialties- Life Force Energy Healing. I feel AMAZING!! I am so grounded, have much more clarity, and received important messages about my own healing and career path. I feel so BLESSED and so LOVED. Not only does she work with your body and energy systems, she also has great intuitive insight and can also help you clear your home and land of unwanted energy. I am grateful beyond words." - Michelle ​

“I first got a reading from Stacey when I visited a local event. She was amazing and her predictions came true. Now, almost a year later, I was so excited to reach out to her & get a personal reading. She is absolutely amazing! I am blown away! I have received many readings from other people before who have the gift of sight and intuition, but Stacey is in a league of her own. She picked up on my current love situation and all the details. She was full of confirmations & validations! I love her sweet, positive energy and vibe. You have to get a reading with her! If you don’t, you are missing out BIG time! Thanks, Stacey" - Alyson

"Stacey provided me with a prenatal “womb reading” as I neared the end of my pregnancy. She checked in on my baby in utero, provided some details around my delivery, and gave me an overall sense of comfort as I geared up to meet my baby. She knew I was nervous, especially because the doctors wanted to induce me, so she consistently checked in on my baby and I. Stacey even created a crystal grid over a picture of myself to provide an extra sense of protection and wellness. The fact that someone I had only met once via video was so invested in my baby’s well-being and my own truly shows the love and empathy Stacey has towards all beings and her clients.  Not only was Stacey an amazing support to have in my corner going into delivery (and beyond), but her visions of my delivery and my baby have been spot on. She shared with me that I would have a birth “others were envious of.” I laughed and hoped this would be true, just as any pregnant woman would. After having a forty-five-minute, complication free birth, I’d say she was right. She shared that my baby would have eyes that look into your soul and that others would be drawn to her – people would want to look at her when out in public. I cannot tell you how many people have stopped me to look at my baby and/or that have commented on her soulful blue eyes.  The sense of peace Stacey’s reading provided me with is immeasurable. I have referred pregnant friends of mine to Stacey and will use her in my future pregnancies. I cannot recommend the prenatal “womb reading” enough. Thank you, Stacey! " - Megan

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